JSI Foundation

The JSI Foundation is an open-ended trust that strives to raise funds from corporate houses and wealthy individuals who share our dream. JSI being a non-profit venture will try and generate funds for the mission through tennis related business models to sustain and support players.

  • JSI will involve Corporations in sports promotion through individual sponsorship, program sponsorship or tournament sponsorship to generate funds for the mission.

  • The JSI Trust will approach individual donors who have the passion for the sport and are willing to be our partners in the mission.

  • JSI will ensure player commitment to regular reinvestment in the system after they turn professional by contributing a percentage of their earnings to support the fund and its programs.

Jade Sports Initiative, plans to create and provide a system for support, financial as well as technical, for a select number of young junior players who have shown potential and commitment to goals so as to become champions given the right training and exposure.

J S I is unique in the sense that it is a long term program that aims to utilise the best resources in India and abroad to help talented juniors in all aspects of player development that includes fitness, nutrition, technique and mental training while also ensuring quality and goal based coaching for players as various levels.


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