Jade Sports Initiative

Tennis is no longer seen an elitist sport. Each year hundreds of young talented children join numerous Tennis Academies around the country. We have some exciting talent and potential. We have some of the finest coaches and trainers. We also have the resources and the latest tennis equipment available.

However, there is a large disparity in the talent and the translation of thus. A number of talented players across the country struggle and fade into oblivion for the lack of financial and technical resources.

There is a need for a dedicated effort to bring together the various resources available, combine the expertise, talent and funding to realise excellence in tennis.

Champions are made over years of patient nurturing and disciplined training. They have to get the right coaching, physical training and nutrition so as to develop the ability and the self belief to compete globally on different surfaces and environments.

Jade Sports Initiative is an effort towards promoting and focusing on individual player development, supporting them and giving them the opportunities to play at the highest level.

We have made it a mission to try and bring about a change and have resolved to work towards this challenging task of providing sustained and focused funding for the future champions of our country.

Our partners in the mission include financial institutions, district sports governing bodies, tennis academies.



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